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1Quality Center
Date Posted: 06/25/2012


Quality Center Course Details 

  • Manage Domains
  • Manage Projects
  • Manage users and roles
  • Working with Dashboards and Analysis View
  • Manage Requirements
  • Manage Tests
  • Manage Test Sets and Runs
  • Manage Defects
  • Generate Reports and Graphs
  • Exporting testcases and defects from MS excel to Quality center using Add-ins
  • Status based email alerts and notifications
  • Customizable fields and history maintenance
  • Adding Test Requirement, Characteristics of a useful requirement, 
  • Example of a Test Requirement, Building a requirements structure,
  • Entering requirements,
  • Manually Importing requirements, 
  • Requirements graphs and reports
  • Adding Test Cases, Test case coverage Characteristics of a useful test case, 
  • Test Case Example Building,  
  • a test case structure Creating, 
  • manual test cases Parameters, 
  • Importing test cases,
  •  Linking test cases to requirements.
  • Test case graphs and reports,
  • Test Sets and Test Execution, 
  • Creating test sets, 
  • Defining test dependencies and running tests conditionally, 
  • Setting test set properties.
  • Manual test execution,
  • Automated test execution,
  • Adding test hosts Running a tes tset, 
  • Setting run times, Analyzing test results
  • Defect Tracing, 
  • The Defect Life Cycle, 
  • Reporting defects,  
  • Searching for similar defects, 
  • Using grid filters, 
  • Defect graphs and reports,
  • Reports Creating, 
  • reports with the Document Generator.

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