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1What Data Sources (databases) Does QC Use To Store And Manage Data?
Date Posted: 06/29/2012

Ans: QC project can be stored and managed using the following data sources.

  • Microsoft Access
  • Sybase
  • Microsoft SQl
  • Oracle

2What Is Defect Rejection Ratio (DRR) And Defect Leakage Ratio (DLR)?
Date Posted: 06/26/2012


DRR = # of Defects Rejected/Tester to assess the tester performance

DRR = # of Defects Rejected/module to assess the module complexity

DRR = # of Defects Rejected/Team/Project to assess the team performance.


DLR = # of Defects uncovered/Tester

DLR = # of Defects uncovered/Module

DLR = # of Defects uncovered/Project

3QC Tools Are Also Called As?
Date Posted: 06/26/2012

Ans: Problem identification and verification tools

4TQM Stands For?
Date Posted: 06/26/2012

Ans: Total quality management.

5What Is An USL In A Control Chart?
Date Posted: 06/26/2012

Ans: upper Specification Limit

6Quality Control Is Reactive In Approach
Date Posted: 06/26/2012

Ans: Quality Control is not a reactive in approach quality is built into the product right from the design stage, and SPC charts indicates before the process goes out of control such that we can take the corrective action before defective products are produced.

7Quality Means Conformance To Requirements. Is It True?
Date Posted: 06/26/2012

Ans: True. The quality represents " To what extent developer is successful in implementing the requirements of the client /user. ". The quality of the software will increase as more requirements are satisfied and vice-versa.

8What Is Meant By Risk? How You Can Avoid The Risks?
Date Posted: 06/26/2012

Ans: Risk can be anything that leads to failure / defect / error in the application or process.

We can avoid risk by applying proper risk matrix in the process. Risk Matrix shows the controls within application systems used to reduce the identified risk, and in what segment of the application those risks exist.

Consider, Team members are leaving from the organization in the middle of the project is the risk for the Manager. For that he can take the preventive action by ask for the bond from the employee or can have the countable backups in the project.

9What Is The Expansion For ASQC?
Date Posted: 06/26/2012

Ans: American Society for Quality Control

10How Many Types Of Reports Can Be Generated?
Date Posted: 06/26/2012


  • Requirements Coverage Report
  • Planning Report
  • Execution Report
  • Defects Report


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